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FIFA 16 4-4-2 Formation Guide

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015

FIFA 16 4-4-2 Formation Guide

Contemporary football is more strategic than ever. That’s exactly why training is so important in the Ultimate Team mode. In fact, it have always been. A good player with a top team can lose a match if he plays in a non-appropriate training, so you will need free fifa points to build a solid team. Selecting the formation and tactics depend not only on the team, but also by their own way. Of course, the team and the respective players must provide adequate training, since it makes little sense when you have to put a good player in the line-up just because you want to play with training. If you are not yet spent much time with FIFA 16 and are uncertain about the training, you can try the solid formations like 4-4-2 or 4-1-2-1-2.

Unlike what happens with the other game modes in Ultimate Team there are only 25 formations and you must choose one of them. If you want to change, just go to the screen of your active team training and access the box pressing your LT / L2 button. If you are not completely satisfied with your training, you can adjust your playing style and needs by using a tactic or customized to change the mentality of the players.

The 4-4-2 (flat) formation in FIFA 16 is interesting with a strong offensive and defensive power. I love playing FIFA but I hate losing, so I always try to take into account the factors which play an important role in the game. The right choice of formations makes things easier. It is recommended to consider the following tips when you choose the 4-4-2.
FIFA 16 strikers with great firepower and ability to dribble really are preferable. When it comes to small strikers, players who have a very good rating of rhythm are better, like Edin Dzeko and Sergio Aguero.

The middle of the field should consist of two outstanding wingers, which means they really have a good pace, excellent control of the ball skills and the ability to balance a ball in the penalty area. Believe me, everyone can not do well. The four defense players are pretty standard for most formations with four in the back. The RB and LB using winger, staying in the game for their support during the return to the OC holder to hold. A good midfielder box has a good rating of endurance in FIFA 16. It is able to cut the attacks of the opponent, plating near his own box and make late runs into the opposition box . Players like Falcao Messi and Ronaldo, will be very useful in this role.

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How to use Spells in Clash of Clans?

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015

How to use Spells in Clash of Clans?

In Clash of Clans spells are much more than just an improvement for your troops they are crucial element of the game. In this article we will give you a short outline of the Spells in the clash of clans pc and online iOS and android version .You have to recognize when you have to use them with your units to achieve a victory.

There are some overall tips you should follow when you are casting your Spells. Always put your spells where the troops will be in the next moment, never put spells where troops are at present moment. Every Spell has specific use when you should use them. You will have no use from several Healing Spell at the same space nor two Rage spells. By no means stack your Spells! The Lightning Spell is used to take down defenses or buildings. Lightning Spell can be used to take down Builder Hut or destroy Air Defense.

Use can use Healing Spell to keep your units alive and you should use it on Giants or other tanking units. The effect of Spells will be the greatest on slow units. If you are using spell on your units that deal high damage and you want to make them stronger you should think about Rage Spell. One of the most common spell in the Clash of Clans Freeze Spell is used to freeze the center of the base filled with Infernal Towers. That is specially effective in the GoWiWi or strategy GoWiPe, but It also can freeze Clan Castle units. If you think your units are slow then use Haste Spell. The Rage Spell also makes your Healers to heal even more, and that is simply great! Jump Spell is also great. If there are many walls in defense, you can use Jump Spell. You can use it also to get your units into inside the base and destroy the center of the base. The Earthquake Spell is another new spell in the game, and it is great for mass wall destruction. You doesn’t need to upgrade it to highest level, because it is effective enough on level 3 to destroy majority of walls. A perfect way to kill most units is The Poison Spell because it is better than the Lightning Spell as it deals constant area damage.

Clash of Clans is strategic game, where in many cases spells are crucial for success. We are hoping that in this short article you found relevant information that will help you to become better Clash of Clans player.

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All you need to know about Hungry Shark Evolution

Posted by on Sep 25, 2015

All you need to know about Hungry Shark Evolution

In the vast sea of games and apps produced daily for usage on handheld devices there are some that stand out, either by concept, performances or design. One of those is certainly Hungry Shark Evolution – a very popular and highly addictive game published by Ubisoft’s Future Games of London (FGOL) and available on Android and iOS platforms. This game deserves highest grades for all of those three elements:

  • Concept:

The main idea of Hungry Shark Evolution is that the player takes the role of a shark and eats as much food as possible while swimming around and exploring the large underwater world. Since sharks have to feed at all times, the player is forced to constantly  search and hunt as much prey as he can, while avoiding the threats and “enemies” that are present everywhere. Also, the game is conceived in a form of progressive play, which offers more playing time and creates diversity, and in Hungry Shark Evolution this is done with levels that are unlocked when certain amount of points is collected. Points come from the food that is eaten (or from hidden bonus objects), and there are too types of them – gems and coins. Achieving the next level is called “evolution” and the player can substitute his current shark for a stronger and faster evolutionary step. Game is opened with a reef shark, which is the smallest and weakest, and later come species like mako, hammerhead, great white shark and similar. There are also some “special” types of sharks that can be unlocked, like Electro Shark, Ice Shark and Robo Shark.


  • Performance:

Hungry Shark Evolution is a 3D aquatic adventure that provides exciting playing experience in a picturesque tropical word. In order to be exciting, the game has to run smooth and be responsive, in all moments and under all circumstances, and FGOL nailed this perfectly since the game is optimized immaculately for use on mobile devices, and has almost no glitches or bugs. The file size of 129 MB downloads pretty fast, although this depends a little bit on your Wi-Fi connection. The game is constantly updated with new content and special items and rewards, and the current version is 3.5.0. When it comes to iPhone and iPad users the only requirement is that they have iOS 7.0 or later, and if the answer is yes – they are provided with top-notch performance and console quality.

  • Design:

This element is the one that deserves 10/10 since Hungry Shark Evolution is one of the most beautiful games on the market. Visual and sound quality is impressive, and animation is done quite realistically. Colorful world of the oceans and tropical reefs is teeming with marine wildlife – from all sorts of fish, like tuna, sailfish and giant stingrays to poisonous jellyfish and floating seagulls. Humans are also present, in roles of scuba divers, fishermen or swimmers, and devouring them is followed with hilarious soundtrack and cool animation. Interface and commands of the game are also designed in a colorful way, and are done in style and very easy to use.

If you are currently playing this game or this article made you want to try it, you may want to check out this Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats to help you improve your gaming experience and potentially save you money that you would otherwise spend in-game.

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